Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels and Demons

With the premiere of “Angels and Demons” I thought I’d do a little research on the Illuminati. I’m sure they are watching this blog, so this may be my last entry.

In the movie, I was pleased to hear some conciliatory language from the Catholic leadership regarding the so called science against religion debate. I’m starting to believe that there really isn’t much of a debate, but I’ll get back to that later.

Meanwhile, if you want to know all there is to know about the Illuminati, I recommend, Illumanati-News by Wes Penre. This site references just about everything I have ever heard on conspiracy theories and shadow government. Everything from Biblical passages about the giants that once walked the earth to George W. Bush’s relation to King Edward III. And, my personal favorite, in bold letters “An absolutely must-see video” titled “Who Really Controls America?” by George Carlin. It's on the shadow-gov.htm page, but his link is broken, so I found it on You Tube. If you don't want to hear the F word, don't click here.

This site is an amazingly well done effort to weave all of this together. Whenever he gets in trouble with pesky logic or reasoning, he resorts to explanations of black magic, aliens interbreeding with humans and statements like, “they have incredible powers”, but most of the time he uses real quotes from real people.

Just about every website like this that I have seen has a reference to David Icke. I have read some of his work and it frequently just rambles. He jumps from one historical fact to another, often using italics, bold and different fonts to highlight something, but it’s not clear what, and every few pages saying, “don’t you see?”, or “are you convinced yet?” This Wes Penre guy is much better. If you are thinking of starting a conspiracy theory website of your own, he provides some clues on how to go about it. For example this one that accompanied a link to a document claimed mathematical proof of a Conspiracy:

“I am always careful NOT to release any dates when I think terrorist attacks and other Illuminati events will happen. You don't know exactly to the point what these guys are planning, and if the said event(s) does/do not happen, you may lose your credibility. The dates in the beginning of this article are thus wrong, but please read the rest of it. There is some good information in there.” Wes Penre

I thought I might find a statement of “for entertainment purposes only” at some point, but then I found his disclaimer, which appears sincere. I found the disclaimer at the bottom of this article, titled “Why Is This World So Violent If Man Is Basically Good.” Forgiving for the moment that “humans” would have been a better choice than “man”, this is a great piece to find on a conspiracy theory website. It is a somewhat simplistic answer to the classic “Why is There Evil” question, but it ends with a message of love. It’s interesting that throughout the site, he frequently bashes religion for its pattern of frightening people with damnation and an angry God and then claiming to be about love, but in this article he pretty much does the same thing.

But I’m not here to bash. I understand why people don’t like organized religion. I have been lucky to have found churches that don’t try to scare me. I understand why people believe there is a conspiracy of powers beyond our control. The factual historical references on this site are well worth further study, such as the links to Dwight D. Eisenhower. I would recommend the movie “Why We Fight” as a better starting point, but if you find the conspiracy format more entertaining, that’s fine with me. What is most important to me is, what do we do about it? Wes says it in three words, “Love is Survival”.

I have a little trouble understanding why people don’t see that working together is the solution. If you want to deal with powerful forces, don’t give your own power away. For a conspiracy theory to work, it requires the rest of us be mindless automatons, empty vessels with no original thoughts of our own, just waiting for these conspirators to come along and tell us what to think and how to act. Okay, maybe that describes most of the people you know, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We still use the term “horsepower” because we are not that far from the time when that was what we used to get around and make food. Not long before that it was just human power. That is where power has always been, in our own hands, unless we decide to abdicate it. We are going to need those hands for more than pushing the buttons on the remote control.

We are also going to need to understand our history and our historical documents so they are not used against us. No priest can frighten me because I know the text. I know they all share a message of compassion and brotherhood/sisterhood. No politician can tell me I need them, because history tells me they need me. I certainly don’t need a hero like Robert Langdon (from the movie), I have plenty of heroes right here in my little town.

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