Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Read

I know my titles sound remedial, but check out this link and see what goes in to studying religion. I guess that's why I enjoy it, I know I'll never be done. Or I'm a glutton for punishment.

Critics of the Bible

I had been thinking about writing something like this, but then I came across this article and he says it better than I could have. I would left out the harsher criticism, so you can skip past that to the bullet list. He does have a point, many people do a basic reading and don't consider that the translation they have might be incorrect, or at least their meaning has changed since they were written, and certainly the context.

I'm sort of on summer vacation, I'll be back with my own original works soon.

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  1. Update: I recently found out that the author of the above article is actually Robert Turkell, a christian apologist that I do not endorse. As I stated originally, I linked to the article for the list of disciplines to consider when studying the Bible or any mytho-poetic works, not for anything else contained within.