Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Atheism Rising

This article came to me via Frank Schaeffer. He is an author and the son of a prominent evangelical from the 60's. He saw, from the inside, how the conservative form of religion we know today was built. He has since renounced that form of religion, but he still hangs on to his belief. He has 1430 Facebook friends and 5 of them liked my comment. They are a tough crowd, so I feel pretty good about that. See what you think.

First the article.

My comment is: Of course it looks different now. Religion constantly changes. Religions that don't change, die. Traditions are a way of passing on the arguments, the unanswered questions that take longer than one lifetime to resolve. The problems arise when the traditions get mistaken for answers.

I followed up a few hours later with this one:
I should add, I'm actually okay with fundamentalism not going away. Religion has been progressively tamed over the centuries and fundamentalism can find a place that is not harmful like it is now. We are doing fine living with all sorts of cultures with some pretty far out ideas all over the world. We just wouldn't consider having people from those cultures run for President if they said their beliefs should be central to the philosophy of the country. We wouldn't consider teaching their creation story as if it is scientifically probable.
but no one seemed to care much about it. 


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